John Wilkes Booth

This is a different Brave the Vertigo session featuring original Drummer Mikey Costello. Like a lot of my material, it’s gone unreleased for a decade.

Regarding “Subsocial”

Regarding “Subsocial”.

I, along with members of Brave the Vertigo, began writing and rehearsing material for the as of yet unreleased Subsocial in 2012. The difficulties of the last 5 years have made it apparent that I’m not going to complete the album “soon”.

Even if I could, when we factor how the pandemic has left us with such incredible tragedies, stressors, and coming societal/financial hardships – we know there’s no reason to start “planning the CD release bash”.

However. It’s VERY important to me and some other members of the band that the material gets released in some way shape or form. So I’ll be publishing in installments, small increments, incomplete tracks at times, incorrect tracks at others. It will all go in the same playlist, I’ll leave all the previous versions of the songs up as the playlist grows. It’s a posterity thing.

The first installment is an instrumental version of “Randian” from “Subsocial”. Eventually all tracks are *intended* to have vocals. But everything will move slow.

I wanted the first song posted to reflect how hard we worked, and it’s certainly not perfect but the current state of Randian indeed reflects that effort.
This track features me on Guitars and Bass, and Erik Tidman on Drums. The Drums were engineered by Urian Hackney.

In particular I want to acknowledge the incredible work Erik did on the drums. I didn’t want to release any version of Randian that didn’t convey that, and I certainly hope this does.

– Franky


West of Maine

I recently collaborated with my mother Martha Andreas on an Alt Country song, West of Maine.

If you like it please consider sending her a paypal tip: